Semalt Expert Defines The Best Scraping Websites

Web scraping is a beneficial procedure for both web searchers and corporations that try to find a bulk of information online from various websites. The following are the top 7 websites that offer web searchers incredible crawling tools.

1. Octoparse

It's a very effective scraper platform, where its users can extract all the data they need from various websites. It uses a simple platform with multiple options. For example, it also offers some very simple tools for beginners who don't know how to navigate through the site.

2. Scraper

It's an easy web scraper tool, which gives several extraction options to web searchers. As a result, they can make a great online research to find and store the data they need very quickly. Scraper is a free web extraction tool, which gives the opportunity to its users to auto-generate smaller XPaths.

3. ParseHube

This is another great web scraping platform that offers great possibilities to its users. For example, it mainly supports web pages that use Ajax and JavaScript technologies. ParseHube uses advanced methods to find and analyze documents. This application supports systems like Linux and Windows. Visual Scraper It's a simple web extraction suite, which offers a simple and clear interface. Its users can easily find real-time data they need from various websites across the web. Moreover, it provides its users with the option to schedule their project to be run at a certain time within a day. It also offers data delivery services.

4. is a crawling suite, where its users can gather all the important data for them, such as lists with products, contact information, prices and more in separate formats in their computer. Moreover, it offers them the option to extract certain keywords from multiple online contents in several languages, by using certain filters.


Web searchers can use this web extraction platform easily without having to use any codes. In fact, they can create their own datasets. For example, they can search to find the information they need from several web pages and then they can store them in files in their datasets. People can scrape multiple web pages and get their results in just a few minutes.

6. Content Grabber

It gives its users great web extraction tools. As a result, many businesses cab harvest data from various highly dynamic web pages, by using their agents, to gather all the content they need. This way, they can analyze all the information, in order to overcome their competitors and boost the performance of their company. Then, users can store all the data in their computer in different database formats. Users can extract all the gathered data in a format of their choice.

7. UiPath

It's an automated web scrape software, which provides its users with a great automation development environment. Web searchers can install this program with a fast and easy configuration of robotic workflows. The exceptional tools of UiPath are extensible and open, allowing the web searchers to automate a number of processes and store them in their folders. Moreover, a robust library makes automation an effective experience for web searchers.

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